Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Craiglist.org CONDONES SKOWHEGAN ME Scam: Part 10

Here is my attempt to try AGAIN to report this Scammer to Craigslist.org.:


[ 11/04 15:41 ]
hud Scam: Skowhegan ME: Poster told me Report Here < SpamAnnoysMe > 11/04/08 12:41

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Scam: Skowhegan ME: Poster told me Report Here < SpamAnnoysMe > 11/04 12:41:16 I have been trying to report a fake charity in Skowhegan Maine. I have done as I am supposed to, by flagging the ads, submitting online complaint forms, and even going as far as to write to Clint Powell, Craig Newmark founder on his blog and at his e-mail, and through several forums on CL, including nonprofits forum. Someone suggested that I write here, in a reply to my last post. There is a fake charity in Skowhegan ME. I contacted the Town office and Dept of State. This KIM has no license to run a charity. She admits in ads that she sells soda, snacks like chips, and homemade goods. She begs for people to give her everything under the sun from farm animals/livestock, food for animals/livestock, food for humans, furniture, anything her heart desires. None of this is reported to the IRS. She sent me a threatening e-mail, which is printed on my blog at http://craigslistmainescams.blogspot.com/ in which she admits that she also helps "state officials", which is apparently why the town and state have not shut down her illegal charity. In the Spring, she was begging people to give her fertilized eggs so handicapped kids could watch them hatch. She also begged for hens. A little while later, she posed many ads in which she bragged she had too many chickens and was selling them. In the latest, she says she is a vet student, going to college, YET all of her ads are written as though she is a total illiterate, no doubt to gain confidence of the good people she is scamming and lend authenticity to the scam ads. CL staff pretended to answer my mail, when I wrote to Craig. Her e-mail address is itsmeirac@yahoo.com yet in the ad she goes by the name of Kim. Why is CL allowing this scam to continue????? See the blog for all the details, including most recent ads.http://hudsonvalley.craigslist.org/forums/?ID=106795415

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