Saturday, November 1, 2008 SCAM: SKOWHEGAN, ME, Part 2

Here are two of Kim's SCAM ads, which she recently posted in the "General" section on

October 21, 2008, No. 1 "General":

Things from free to donation cost a lot here for you. (skowhegan,me)
Reply to:,me) [?]Date: 2008-10-21, 3:00PM EDT
Here is a place you'll like, times are tough i know this as you do. So I have a place where you can get things (and be honest) but you pay by donations and there is free area and a selling area.I give away all the time here at Happy Trails and Tales On Rt2 between canaan and Skowhegan. I give away Clothes-Shoes-toys-and Books. I help critters and have a hobby farm. I grow fresh veggies which you pay by donations. but I too trying to live. but i feel others need more help then me. When a little girl comes to me shoing her shoes and mommy says" Yeah she better stay in them a while cost me $10. at salvation army. " i thinking wow. Kids out grow clothes so fast and times tough SO I give away clothes. peple drop off clothes now to me to help many in need or wanting. Criters i have I show people free and they enjoy. One time a young man came with his helper and he never open up much or talked but i have abunny iwho runs fre and greets everyone"Blacky" he was put on this young mans lap i turned my head to show a little girl my emu George. then i heard a yell. I turned i thought oh no. but it was him he was moving his fingers which were crippled and he was having fun. his helper came gave me a hug for this little bunny helped him reach out and enjoyed it. I have people wash hands before and after. but man that day i'll never forget. a simple thing made a wonderful miriacle happen. So i always looking for new friendly critters if i got room.BUt no dogs or cats have enough. I do most times I rescue if can and find new homesor if like keep but the cost is getting higher but i won't quit. These critters are my family. So this place i have a huge yardsale and i give away and sell things. To keep things going. I do Santa letters too just cost is A STAMP It comes with a letter-certificate and sticker. I ask the child to write me(santa claus but c/o kim geraw mail helper) i had over 200 last year it's fun. i reached over sea's few times.its free but the stamp is all. I'm open 7 days a week 10-till dark in the donation and FREE area. other side is open for 10-5 th-sun. show critters on Sat 11-2. I'm in needing now of fish tanks- wood for stove and wood for shelves can be slab wood. And anything under the sun. I helped families and critters so what ever you think is nah can make someone smile believe me.I have a drop off area. but if you don't have anything but like to donate funds good too. or have animal feed or anything for critters let me know ok. also what i'm doing is takin in food for families i know needing help. soo if want bring good can goods and in trade for things from the donation area.Times are getting tougher all the time and getting worse as you know.I hope i can due my part in helping .With your help too. Thank you. I sell feeder fish now my oscar died he was big boy too. but old. I sell my feeder fish for $. 50 ea people buy few as pets they are like goldfish easy keepers. BUt if like to come buy or take or drop off here where i am 710 Canaan rd Skowhegan,me 04976 or call me at 399-9848. thank you and see you soon. Thank you for your time.399-9848
Location: skowhegan,me
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September 18, 2008, No. 2 "General":

I have a lot for sale and giving away payments is cheap too. - $1 (skowhegan,me)
Reply to:$1%20(skowhegan,me) [?]Date: 2008-09-18, 10:13AM EDT
I have all kinds of things for sale. I have a huge flea market place alot free and a donation area but i do have great selling things too from little things to tools-knick knacks household things. come check it out if like bring can goods for families i help or critter food for inside to outside farm animals and trade as a payment. i'm easy to please and out to help many. come to 710 canaan rd skowhegan,me 04976 399-9848. i'm on rt2 between canaan and skowhegan.
Location: skowhegan,me
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