Saturday, November 1, 2008 SCAM: SKOWHEGAN, ME, Part 5


You see, she is just too greedy. She knows how to use the system. She knows that she can not only get all of this stuff, these animals, these pieces of furniture, the food and animal feed, and anything else she wants for FREE by SCAMMING the good people of Maine. She also knows that she can place these ads for FREE. She is expert at playing on the sympathies of good people, who really think they are helping those who need the help most.

Stay tuned. I shall keep you posted and you too can watch her ads evolve, as she begs for even more and more, and pretends to help even more and more people.

Today is Sunday, November 2. Well, she is back again! Are you REALLY surprised? Right. Here is another ad, which was posted by the infamous Scammer on, Kim in Skowhegan, last evening. She does not know when to stop scamming people and Craigslist staff is only too happy to help her. Please note that she is still begging for anything and everything under the sun, alleging that she is helping people who are down on their luck, when the only person she is helping, is as usual, herself!!!!!

Before I post the ad though, there is one more thing. I received a reply from Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist. I found his somewhat self-serving Blog, through their offsite scam report site, scamalicious. Now, that's a joke, for another day. Oh my. I shall put my letters and his replies on another post, Part 6.


November 1, 2008: Garage Sales No. 1:

Season is ending soon but i hope i can still help and give. (skowhegan,me)
Reply to:,me) [?]Date: 2008-11-01, 9:46PM EDT
I havea on going donationa and free area 7 days a week 10 - till dark. If you have not much money its ok you can get few things for say and cost you food for families or critters is all. I'm trying to have a place where we all know times are tough but here at Happy Trails and Tales you can get things and cost is free or donation. NOW let you know all the times here ALL clothes-shoes-books + toys free!! Why spend so much on things even at the organizations which still cost high and kids out grow clothes so much when you can come here and trade or get free i got new and used. I also took in a family and it make me happy to see i can do a little more on helping. So I want to help I'm doing yardsale thing free area-donation area and a selling area for i can help ones here and critters i help out. I want to have this place where people can keep their pets and not go shelter due to lack of food i've help 4 families on this so far. and more i feel coming. so now i'm get vetting degree i'm going to have a place for people get their pets shots not rabies but other ones and cost-a donation is all. So come to 710 Canaan Rd Skowhegan,me 399-9848 People in need of clothes and furnitures or house hold things .Anything . even notebooks or coloring books to beds or livestock things. I can use to help here or to others in need.My flea market is very different to others i hope. come see it and if not much money donate dog food,cat food,bird food etc or any type food for kids and families. I do santa Claus letters too FREE all fun i went o over sea's ones last year. so CFMI on that. I want to take time now to thank all who has helped and donated so much and still one wanting to donate + volenteered work here.. and as you see few families wrote to you and thanked you too. i told them it's not just me but us thank you see you's soon and drop offs more then welcome Location: skowhegan,me
Location: skowhegan,me
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interestsPostingID: 902319551

Please keep reading. There will be even more fascinating reading from KIM in the future. I reieterate from above, Kim is just TOO greedy and Craigslist is far too accommodating for this type of person.

Also, please feel free to post comments. I would love to hear how you feel about the many SCAMS, which Kim is managing to perpetrate on the good, kind folks of Maine. If you are a little shy, post anonymously.

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Anonymous said...

Aren't all these ads the same. I read them all and it just seems to be the same BS from 1 to the next. If she is helping people, how come none of her ads are posted Hey come here, free stuff. We think you are right. This is a scam.